Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it May yet?

Let's just say that when April is over I'm going to be one happy person! These next two weeks (this week and next) are going to be so hectic. It seems like everything that I wouldn't want to do I'll be doing. I have read on numerous blogs that when most people are going to be extremely busy for a while they usually think of a way to reward them self when it's all over. So I'm trying to think of a way to reward my self. So far I've had no success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I'm going on vacation on May 7th. I can't wait! Finally warmer weather (it's only 42 here today). I'm looking for some summer beauty products. Any suggestions?

I know this has been a very random blog post. haha

Here's a picture of that wonderful raspberry sherbet color. For some reason it won't let me add the version that's going the right way.


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